Design and Build of Waste Water Facilities

Pure Green Solution Technology Inc. is the country's pioneer in water and wastewater solutions. Had some expertise in outsourcing for Municipal, Industrial, and also service companies and local government, it is additionally one of the regional significant creators of innovative arrangements and constructor of facilities required in water and wastewater services.

We are experts in providing waste water treatment solution from residential to commercial and Industrial companies in the Philippines.

Chemical Treatment of Industrial Waste Water

Our company provides all types of waste water chemicals to ensure the effectiveness of our designs.

  • We Supply Preventive Maintenance Chemicals.
  • We Provide pH enhancers, liquid chlorine, caustic soda cougalants, and flocculants, polymers and enzymes.
  • We Supply Wastewater Chemicals and preventive maintenance chemicals

Project Management and Consultancy Services

Our expert wastewater treatment process consultants can analyze your prompt concerns and also checkup your overall operations. We can provide solutions for current issues, future issues, and invisible issues you may not realize that you have.

Pure Green Solution Technology Inc. specializes in water and waste water treatment to ensure safe water for everyone. We Provide full-service operations assistance among local government and industrial water and wastewater treatment facilities.


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